Friday, 18 November 2011

Wolford: A Celebration Of Legs

Gone are the days where woolly tights were acceptable winter hosiery. The temperatures have dropped outside and once again our most glamourous women are stepping out onto the high streets in the very fashionable and utterly slinky Wolford. Wolford caters to the every woman, whether she is having a wild night out on the town in her Wilderness Stay Ups or sitting in the office in a pair of Twenties fishnet. The way we view tights has changed & Wolford has been leading the way for years in Europe & now the UK are finally catching on. 
There is nothing more attention grabbing then a pair of fishnet Estelle tights that accentuate your beautiful long pins. We are big fans of the Satin Opaque 50 tights with their elegant sheen, exceptional smooth finish & sexy back seam! You wont quite be able to believe that those super soft long legs belong to you!

You might be sitting here, thinking why on earth am i going to spend over £20 on a pair of Tights when i can pop down to the local corner shop and buy a pair of 60 Denier Black tights which will do just as good of a job. Well, let me be honest with you, the quality is completely different, the finish screams quality, they last longer and I can guarantee the feeling you get when you slither your smooth winter legs into a pair of the slinky Wolford Tights is worth every single penny. You are paying for the quality and the effect this causes. 
If we are what we wear, then I’d like to be Wolford, quality, slinky & sophisticated! So let your pins do the talking this season and put your fashion foot forward in our favorite hosiery brand.

Wolford Estelle Tights: 
fishnet tights whose special feature is a double back seam which leads the eye seductively along the leg

Wolford Skyscraper Tights

Affaire 10 Stockings: 
seductive, silky sheen with a transparent look & a fine floral lace band.

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  1. Love their fashion ranges - my latest favorites were the lace arts :)