Friday, 4 November 2011

Fuck You Industries

At Bordello Boutique we stock a whole variety of luxury lingerie. From the sensual burlesque to the dark black leather harnesses you will not leave the shop feeling disappointed! Last week our new Made by Niki stock got us hugging and embracing all the right curves that god gave us. However Bordello’s new FYI (Fuck You Industries) by Dani Read lingerie is definitely making a different statement in the shop.
The first thing that struck me about this new collection/ designer was the choices of fabric Dani Read has worked with. She combines slinky black with hard zippers and soft leathers. The debut collection is definitely not for the faint hearted and is inspired by the intensity of the women that wear it. Dani Read, once a musician before turning designer, is pouring her performing experience into her work. Dressing up in the bedroom should be a performance experience for every powerful woman. Read wants women to wear the lingerie for themselves and the collection is, in simple terms, about you.

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