Friday, 2 December 2011

My Week With What Katie Did Lingerie...

It seems everywhere i look that the newspapers have been full of praising reviews of the latest film ‘My week with Marilyn’...  I'm not here to give you a film review as i am sure the papers can do a better job at that! although I do have to say Michelle Williams did capture Marilyn Monroe's character with extraordinary likeness! But  rather it's the 1950’s clothing  & beautiful What Kate Did lingerie,  which filled the big screen, that has grabbed my attention. The style team turned to the signature 1950’s lingerie company ‘What Katie Did’ for the 1950s iconic styles such as the spiral stitch, bullet bras & body-shaping corselettes which both featured in the film.

At Bordello, we agree that, the right lingerie is an essential part of getting an authentic 1950s look. The popular Bullet bras were worn to push the breasts into a conical shape and no respectable woman would go without her girdle. What Katie Did, founded by designer Katie Halford, have been manufacturing vintage style lingerie since 1999 & their pieces are frequently used in retro movie & television projects as well as cutting edge fashion magazines.

Admittedly i have always been slightly skeptical of the 1950’s style Bullet Bras, however my opinion is being swayed with the amount of happy customers, drawn into the shop by the Marilyn Monroe inspired window display, strutting out of the Bordello fitting room with a big grin on their face & a Bullet bra in hand!

So if your a die hard Monroe fan, or just a 50's girl, head down to Bordello Boutique & glam yourself from head to toe in our What Kate Did Harlow Bullet bra & Glamour Corselette to our seamed back stockings...

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