Saturday, 15 October 2011

At Bordello Boutique we aim to excite and inspire our clients with the fabulous fashion world of lingerie. Now after four years of buying & selling & fitting & styling in our beautiful Shoreditch Boutique, we cant contain our excitement any longer. We need to let you know about it. Allow us to introduce you to Fashion. Lingerie. Bordello. 
Since we opened our doors in 2008, we have supported & championed the new young lingerie design talent & take great pleasure in seeing them develop & grow both in creativity & reach. So seeing one of our favorite designers Mint Siren making an appearance in Wonderland Sept/Oct 2011 issue did not surprise us. But what did strike us is that the bondage trend is spreading like wild fire! Although dealing with all different styles in the lingerie industry, from Vintage to Burlesque to Bondage, our heart will always be on the dark side. The Bondage style is incredibly flexible and contemporary, with the ability to wear your naughty underwear as outerwear. Josefine Wing designer of Mint Siren grasps this idea and infuses both aspects into her designs: fashion outerwear as well as for your own guilty pleasure. Following the success of their luxurious leather lingerie, Mint Siren has steamed ahead producing more lust worthy pieces that we dream of.

Mint Siren
Leather Strap Pencil Skirt
Mint Siren
Leather Strap Torso Harness

However Mint Siren is not the only one to have cottoned on to the naughty leather lovers. De Montfort graduate Leanne Brooke has created an Award winning label Obey My Demand which explores luxury leather lingerie and body wear. With the focus on contrasting elements of silk and leather, OMD brings out your dark side to play. Each leather set is lovingly hand studded ensuring the uniqueness of the pieces which makes this brand only more appealing. Everyone loves to believe that who they are and what they wear is unique to them. As an individual myself, I like to believe that I have something that other people do not, which would be my hand made OMD leather set.
Obey My Demand fan Lady Gaga

Obey My Demand
Goddess Silk & Leather Studded Bra
Goddess Silk & Leather Suspender Belt
So when does luxury lingerie cross the line of contemporary fashion? Its exciting to see that lingerie has finally stamped its mark. Women are no longer just talking about the latest Hermes bag; Lingerie is every woman's little fashion secret. Only they know what lies beneath and they are wearing it with pride. Why does fashion always just have to be about who or what we wear on the outside? Its time to explore what lies beneath.

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